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Angelman syndrome is a complex neurodevelopmental and genetic disorder that primarily affects the nervous system. Characteristic features of this condition include delayed development, intellectual disability, small head size, severe speech impairment, problems with movement (locomotion) and balance (ataxia), sleep difficulties. Most affected individuals have recurrent seizures (epilepsy) that may benefit from special medications and treatments.

Texas Children’s Angelman Clinic is a multidisciplinary program that includes several specialty services: genetics, neurology, physical medicine and rehabilitation and developmental pediatrics. 

Patients seen in this clinic would have been previously diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome by laboratory studies and other medical specialists.

Angelman patients will often be seen initially by all of the services. Frequency of follow-up will be determined on an individual basis. Some patients will require the entire team while others may only require part of the team.  Nutrition and social services are also available. Patients are seen through self-referral and by physician referrals.