Find a Laboratory Sanjeev A. Vasudevan, MD

Dr. Sanjeev Vasudevan


Dr. Sanjeev Vasudevan’s research laboratory focuses on validation of potential therapeutic targets found in neuroblastoma and hepatoblastoma. 

During his postdoctoral training in the Texas Children’s Cancer Center, Dr. Vasudevan cloned two novel genes, NDSP and DUSP26, which were found to be specifically overexpressed in neuroblastoma and play critical roles in tumor growth and chemosensitivity. He is furthering this work as a principal investigator by focusing on the function and regulation of kinases and phosphatases in pediatric malignancy by defining their roles as novel tumor suppressors or oncogenes.

Dr. Vasudevan’s lab hopes to validate multiple targets in order to find novel and less toxic therapeutic agents to improve outcomes for children with solid tumors.

He is a member of the Carl C. Anderson, Sr. and Marie Jo Anderson Charitable Foundation Laboratory for Neuroblastoma Research.