Clinical Services

The Cancer Genetics and Genomics Program combines cancer research with clinics that translates research progress into useful information for patient families and their physicians. The Cancer Genetics and Genomics Program provides the following clinical services to patients and their families:

Cancer Genetics Clinic

The Cancer Genetics Clinic provides clinical evaluations, risk assessment, genetic counseling, recommendations for appropriate genetic testing, education, recommendations for screening for cancer risk. Our clinic is led by an internationally recognized medical geneticist, Sharon Plon, MD, PhD, who works closely with a team of genetic counselors.

Childhood Cancer Prevention and Screening Clinic

The Prevention and Screening Clinic serves children and young adults who are found to be at increased risk of developing childhood cancer. The clinic offers ongoing cancer screening and management strategies to these high risk patients. Our approach is intended to aid in early detection of cancers. Our clinic is led by a pediatric oncologist, Surya Rednam, MD, who specializes in cancer prevention.

Precision Oncology Consultation Service

The Precision Oncology Consultation Service utilizes the latest genetic and molecular techniques to better identify tumor-specific genetic changes that may provide treatment options, particularly for patients with otherwise limited treatment options. The consultation service may include guidance toward appropriate clinical trial enrollment with experimental therapeutic agents or potential use of existing treatments.