Helpful phone numbers

We hope the information on this website will be helpful for you and your family. However, we know this information may not answer every question you may have. Please contact us with your questions or concerns related to the death of your loved one.

Our thoughts are with you. Please call if you need our help.

Social Work

(832) 824-1570
For grief and bereavement support and resources for patients and their families

Spiritual Care

(832) 824-7223
For hospital chaplains; and referrals to local clergy and trusted community leaders

Child Life

(832) 826-1650
For questions about memory making, legacy building and sibling or children’s grief

Grief and Bereavement Specialist

(832) 826-8096
For any additional needs or resources you may need while grieving

Palliative Care

(832) 822-7228
For families followed by the Palliative Care team at Texas Children’s

Family Advocacy

(832) 824-1919
For questions regarding  the care received at Texas Children’s Hospital

Security Services

(832) 824-2500
For additional source of information regarding personal belongings (lost and found)


(832) 824-2300
For questions regarding medical bills

Health Information Management

(832) 824-1600
For medical record request and copies of autopsy when complete

Hospital Operator

(832) 824-1000
Available 24 hours per day and can direct phone calls to other departments within Texas Children’s Hospital