Paying your bill Understanding your bill

You may receive more than one bill for services provided at Texas Children's Hospital and Texas Children's Health Centers. These may include bills for hospital-related expenses, physician services and specialist services.

Bills for services provided at Texas Children’s Hospital and Texas Children’s Health Centers

Hospital services

Texas Children's Hospital will bill for hospital-related expenses incurred during your child's appointment or hospital stay, including facility, equipment, tests, supplies and medications.

Physician services

Texas Children’s Physician Services Organization (TCPSO) will bill for services provided by physicians.

Specialist services

If your child’s physician has requested services or lab work from other specialists, you may also receive bills from other laboratories or specially trained physicians such as radiologists, pathologists and anesthesiologists.

Outpatient services

The Clinical Care Center and Health Centers are considered outpatient facilities of Texas Children’s Hospital. Therefore, any services provided during your child’s visit are considered outpatient hospital services and subject to your plan's deductible or coinsurance, if applicable.

Explanation of services

Your Texas Children's Hospital bill will list the services and supplies ordered for your child by the doctor. Texas Children's will submit a claim to your insurance plan on your behalf. If there is a balance due after insurance, you will receive a bill for the remaining balance.

If you do not have insurance, you will receive a statement approximately 10 days after your child’s discharge date or date of service. The statement will include all charges made before the mailing date.

Sometimes, adjustments are made to the account after the mailing date. If this happens, we will mail a revised statement. If you have any questions or concerns about your bill, please call 832-824-2300 or 1-800-722-2570 between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday-Friday.

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