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Care Everywhere

If your organization has given you access to Care Everywhere, you can utilize this functionality to access clinical information from Texas Children’s Hospital. When establishing an initial Care Everywhere link with Texas Children’s, you must be in an open encounter at your organization. The encounter type must be one that your organization has authorized for Care Everywhere querying (i.e.outpatient appointment, admission, or notes only encounter).

  1. From the open encounter, navigate to your Care Everywhere activity (this may be displayed as an activity tab or found under the More button) then select Request Outside Records.
  2. Texas Children’s Hospital may already be linked to your patient. If not, select Query New Organization, type Texas Children’s Hospital, select it and enter your Epic password if prompted.
  3. If a matching patient record is found, it appears. Demographic information is highlighted so that you can verify patient details before proceeding.If a result isn’t an exact match, you might need to contact Texas Children’s Hospital
    • If you 've found the correct patient, click “Yes ‐ Correct Patient”.
    • If the wrong patient appears, click “No ‐ Incorrect Patient”.
    • If no match is found, please call the Texas Children’s MyChart & Care Everywhere Help Desk at 877‐ 361‐ 0111, 8 a.m. ‐ 5 p.m.CST, seven days a week. Please request the patient’ s Care Everywhere ID and follow Epic prompts.
  4. Now, your patient is linked with Texas Children’s Hospital! You can access finalized Texas Children’s information such as clinical summaries, office visits and test results.
  5. To request an update to your query results, navigate to your Care Everywhere activity and select Request Updates. Texas Children’s Hospital does not require that you be in an active encounter to perform an update. However, your organization may have this requirement.

Helpful Hints

  • When opening an encounter available through Care Everywhere, you may need to click a hyperlink titled view related clinical summary… to view complete information.
  • If your organization allows viewing linked patients through Chart Review, a Care Everywhere icon will appear designating linked information. Care Everywhere results can be toggled off and on using the Care Everywhere button.

Connect With Us

If you need additional assistance, please contact the Provider Connect team at 832‐ TCH‐ CARE (832‐ 824‐ 2273), M– F, 8 a.m.–5 p.m., excluding holidays.