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Coordinator, Cancer Genetics Clinic
Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics, Section of Hematology-Oncology, Baylor College of Medicine
BCM School of Allied Health, MS Genetic Counseling Training Program, Development Executive Committee


School Education Degree Year
University of Michigan masters Master of Science, Genetic Counseling 2006
Aquinas College university Bachelor of Science, Biology 2002


Ms. Sarah Scollon is a board certified genetic counselor and has been practicing in both clinical and research pediatric genetics for over 10 years. She is board certified by the American Board of Genetic Counseling.

In 2011, Ms. Scollon came to Texas Children’s Hospital after 5 years of general pediatric genetic counseling experience in Hawaii to focus on her longstanding interest in the care of children and families affected by cancer. She is an advocate for the integration of genetic counseling into pediatric cancer care and has worked in national leadership roles to encourage growth of the specialty. She promotes the importance of the role cancer genetics and genomics can play in the care of pediatric cancer patients and their families both from a clinical and psychosocial standpoint.

Ms. Scollon is the clinical coordinator and genetic counselor for the pediatric Cancer Genetics Clinic at Texas Children's Hospital. She also provides genetic counseling to patients and families as a part of the Retinoblastoma Center of Houston. She worked as the senior genetic counselor with the NHGRI and NCI funded BASIC3 clinical trial, examining the incorporation of genomic sequencing into the care of pediatric cancer patients, at Texas Children's Hospital and continues to provide genetic counseling expertise to developing clinical trials involving large scale genomic sequencing and personalized medicine.

Ms. Scollon has participated as a genetic counselor on genomic sequencing trials at Texas Children's Hospital, as well as served as a genetic counseling representative on national committees establishing and conducting similar trials.

Identifying families at risk for pediatric cancer predisposition syndromes and providing genetic counseling to discuss the options for appropriate testing, when applicable, can enhance the care of both the child with cancer and the family as a whole. Genetic information can provide families with additional resources to better understand a cancer diagnosis or family history of cancer and educate themselves on potential screening and detection of future cancers.


Organization Name Role
National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC) Member

Research Statement

Ms. Scollon's research interests include pediatric cancer predisposition syndromes and educating healthcare providers in recognizing at risk patients and families in order to provide families education, advocacy, and increase the adoption of prevention and screening for future cancers. She also has conducted research involving the incorporation of genomic sequencing into the care of children with cancer including the process of informed consent and return of results of genomic sequencing to patients and families. Her ongoing research will look into the incorporation of genetic counseling into personalized medicine.

Genomic technology continues to increase the understanding of the role inherited cancer predisposition syndromes play in pediatric cancer and personalized medicine. identifying patients and their relatives at an increased risk for developing cancer is an important step in the care of this patient population.

Ms. Scollon has served as a voice in the genetic counseling community for the promotion of incorporating genetic counseling into pediatric cancer clinics nationally as well as the integration of genomic technologies into the care of childhood cancer patients. She is an advocate for patients and families undergoing informed consent and tailoring the delivery of genomic test results to meet the needs of families dealing with a childhood cancer diagnosis.

Her work has been published in many peer-reviewed journals, including: JAMA Oncology, Cancer, Genome Medicine, American Journal of Medical Genetics, Journal of Genetic Counseling, Journal of Law Medicine and Ethics, and Personalized Medicine.

Selected Publications