Duncan NRI Grant Awards

The Mark A. Wallace Endowment was established by an anonymous donor to provide seed funds to support collaborative projects enhancing our understanding of the neurobiology of psychiatric disorders. The endowment supports collaborations between departments and disciplines. Multiple principal investigators are encouraged, but at least one PI must be a Duncan NRI faculty member. Collaborations with faculty affiliated to the departments of Psychiatry, Neurosurgery, and Neuroscience are especially welcome, although you are not limited to those departments. 

A special fund has been established by Dr. Huda Zoghbi, director of the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute (Duncan NRI) at Texas Children's Hospital, to honor the many generations of trainees who have worked in her laboratory. The purpose of this Duncan NRI Zoghbi Scholar Award is to foster the success of the next generation of trainees in biomedical research and help them establish independent research programs.

In 2023, the Gordon and Mary Cain Research Foundation Laboratories launched a new grant program to award $150,000 for one year to collaborative projects from Cain Labs faculty focused on developing therapies for individuals with epilepsy. The primary goal of this program is to encourage new collaborations between Cain Labs investigators and others to engage in high-risk, high-reward projects related to developing new treatment modalities to reduce the neurological, cognitive, and/or psychological burden of epilepsy in children or adults.