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Viral Hepatitis Program

The Viral Hepatitis Program at Texas Children’s Hospital provides comprehensive screening, education, and treatment for children and their families affected by viral hepatitis B and C.

Hepatitis B alone is a major global health problem with 400 million carriers worldwide. Over 2 million are chronically infected in the U.S, half of which are Asian-American. One third of chronic HBV infections in the U.S. start in early childhood.

One quarter of them will go on to develop cirrhosis without treatment. Our mission is to prevent the progression of this chronic and devastating disease in its earliest stages and provide hope to children and families affected. Early diagnosis and timely treatment of hepatitis B and C can prevent the development of cancer, cirrhosis or the need for liver transplantation for these children.

Led by Dr. Daniel Leung, Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine, the Viral Hepatitis Program has established itself as a national leader in this area with important contributions to both clinical guidelines and a variety of clinical and research publications. While the current focus is clinical care for this subgroup of patients, the clinic plans to address specific questions which will impact care and provide treatment guidelines which currently do not exist. Optimal drug choice, the potential use of combination therapy, primary endpoints and the impact of genotype on prognosis and treatment are research areas of interest.

The Viral Hepatitis Program at Texas Children's Hospital is currently conducting two pediatric hepatitis B clinical trials to study the safety and effectiveness of various adult-approved agents in children and adolescents with chronic hepatitis B infection. By late summer 2012, our patients will have access to a total of three hepatitis B clinical trials, as well as an upcoming hepatitis C clinical trial. If your child is at least two years old and younger than 18, he or she may be eligible for this study. For more information, call 832-824-1553.

The clinic provides language services representing over 30 countries, and clinicians and staff focus on patient education, prevention, monitoring and treatment.