Travel Medicine

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Travel Checklist

This list is general and may not include all the items you need. Check the Traveler Information Center at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for more information if you are a traveler with specific health needs, such as travelers who are pregnant, immune compromised, or traveling for a specific purpose like humanitarian aid work.

Travel Documents:

  • Photo ID/Driver’s License
  • Passport/Visa
  • Boarding Passes
  • Emergency Docs (Health insurance card, allergy list, emergency contact)

Prescription Medicines:

  • Your Prescriptions
  • Traveler’s diarrhea antibiotic
  • Suture/syringe kit
  • Altitude sickness medicine
  • Medicine to prevent malaria

Medical Supplies:

  • Glasses
  • Contact lenses
  • Needles or syringes
  • Suture kit
  • Medical alert bracelet or necklace
  • First aid kit
  • Over the counter medicines (Physician will provide a detailed list at the time of the appointment)

Other supplies:

  • Hand sanitizer or wipes
  • Water purification tablets
  • Insect repellant
  • Sunscreen
  • Bed net
  • Sunglasses and hat
  • Personal safety equipment
  • Earplugs
  • Latex gloves

Helpful links with information regarding your selected country of travel: