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Meet Eden: 2019 Family Advocacy Day Champion (Speak Now for Kids - May 18, 2019)

Pediatric precision medicine approach proven possible in pediatric MATCH trial (OncLive - May 15, 2019)

Pediatric MATCH trial finds more frequent targetable genetic alterations in pediatric cancers than predicted (American Society of Clinical Oncology - May 15, 2019)

Pediatric MATCH study finds more targetable genetic changes than expected (National Cancer Institute - May 15, 2019)

ASCO: Promising start to pediatric MATCH trial (Cancer Network - May 15, 2019)

Houston area 9-year-old battles stage 3 ovarian cancer (FOX 26 - May 17, 2019)

Texas Children’s offers life-saving treatment option for children with rare liver cancer (Texas Children's Hospital - May 14, 2019)

New experimental therapy CAR NKT-cells tested In cancer patients for the first time (Forbes - May 1, 2019)

Joseph, Hegde receive Immunotherapy Scholar Award from the Faris Foundation (Texas Children's Hospital - April 9, 2019)

Cancer treatment uses genetically modified cells to fight tumors (CBS - April 1, 2019)

4-year-old Texas boy survives rare form of cancer (KHOU 11 - March 18, 2019)

Survivor doing what he can to help fight childhood cancer (KPRC 2 - March 12, 2019)

Meet five women leading the way to cures for childhood cancer (Alex's Lemonade Stand - March 8, 2019)

Venkatramani named director of Solid Tumor Programs (Texas Children's Hospital - January 7, 2019)


Meet Dr. Jennifer Foster, the Researcher Searching for Cures for Rare Cancers (Alex's Lemonade Stand - December 17, 2018)

New high-dose radiation therapy available for pediatric liver cancer patients (Baylor College of Medicine - October 4, 2018)

CPRIT awards $6 million to find new biomarkers and therapies for childhood liver cancers (Texas Children's Hospital - September 19, 2018)

Texas Children’s Cancer Center opens first Liver Tumor Center in Southwest (Texas Children's Hospital - October 14, 2010)

September Superhero: Eden (KPRC 2 - September 20, 2018)

First neuroblastoma patient successfully dosed with innovative CAR therapy utilizing natural killer T cells (CAR-NKT) (Cell Medica - September 27, 2018)

Baylor awarded CPRIT Grants for research, recruitment (Baylor College of Medicine - August 27, 2018)

First-in-human clinical trial aims to treat neuroblastoma (Baylor College of Medicine - June 15, 2018)


2nd Faris D. Virani International Ewing Sarcoma Conference 2017 (Texas Children's Hospital - November 9, 2017)

Astros are a gift to teen baseball player who lost leg during World Series (KHOU - November 02, 2017)

Rally for research grant to fund osteosarcoma research (Baylor College of Medicine - September 28, 2017)

Houston researchers to get boost in fight against childhood cancer (Houston Chronicle - July 28, 2017)

Student battling terminal bone cancer gets early graduation (FOX 26 - March 13, 2017)

Faris D. Virani Ewing Sarcoma Center – Three years since inception (Texas Children's Hospital - March 6, 2017)

Young patient beats rare cancer at Texas Children's Hospital (ABC13/KTRK - January 6, 2017)


Improving Outcomes for Children With Rare Cancers (Texas Children's Hospital - September 12, 2016)

Texas Children's helps a local teen in his fight against a rare cancer (Texas Children's Hospital - September 7, 2016)


Symposium aims to advance Ewing sarcoma research collaborations (Texas Children's Hospital - May 5, 2015)


Ewing Sarcoma Center Q&A (Texas Children's Hospital - September 9, 2014)

Ribbon cutting for the Ewing Sarcoma Center (Texas Children's Hospital - June 20, 2014)

Houston family helps establish Ewing Sarcoma Center at Texas Children’s Hospital (Texas Children's Hospital - April 1, 2014)


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    The Future of Osteosarcoma and Other Pediatric Bone Tumors
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    TARE procedure available for pediatric liver cancer patients at Texas Children's Hospital
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    Surgical Oncology at Texas Children’s Hospital