Pediatric Hospital Medicine

Pediatric Hospital Medicine (PHM) is a group of more than 50 general pediatricians with an interest in the care of hospitalized children. Our mission is to be the premier provider of general pediatric inpatient care at Texas Children’s Hospital and become a national leader in the practice and advancement of Pediatric Hospital Medicine.

We offer:

  • The highest quality, efficient and compassionate inpatient care in a culturally sensitive, family-centered environment.
  • Use of evidence-based medicine to develop, implement, refine and advance best practices in pediatric hospital medicine.
  • A seamless transition of care for discharged patients through communication and information transfer between the hospitalists and primary care physicians.
  • Ongoing research and collaboration with specialists and centers of excellence to advance pediatric hospitalist medicine.
  • Advocacy for patient safety through quality improvement initiatives.
  • Excellence in education of students, residents, colleagues and parents.
  • An enriching work environment that promotes professional development and career satisfaction and longevity for hospitalists.