Pectus Program

<p>Pectus Program</p>

At Texas Children’s Hospital, we treat a wide variety of chest wall abnormalities through our Pectus Program.

There are two main types of chest wall abnormalities however: pectus excavatum, where the chest has a sunken or caved-in appearance, and pectus carinatum, where the chest bows outward. On rare occasions, there will be a combination of the two types of abnormalities.

Depending on the diagnosis a patient receives, there are surgical and non-surgical options for treatment. The physician and care team work to determine the best treatment plan for each patient and family. 

All patients at Texas Children’s are treated in an individualized and family-centered manner. Our specialists provide cutting-edge treatment to achieve the best outcomes. Schedule your appointment by calling 832-822-3135.

Pectus Program at Texas Children’s Hospital