Neuroscience Center

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Top-ranked pediatric neurological care

The Neuroscience Center at Texas Children’s Hospital offers comprehensive care for children with a wide range of neurological conditions, from the common to some of the rarest, most complex conditions in the world. Our talented doctors, surgeons and their teams are recognized around the world for their expertise, bringing the latest techniques — and new hope — to children and families.

No. 2 in Neurology & Neurosurgery

Consistently ranked among the top children’s centers in the country by U.S. News & World Report

Neuroscience Center programs and services


With more than 40,000 scheduled visits to our neurology clinics each year, we see children from across the country and around the world.


The pediatric neurosurgeons at Texas Children’s are committed to setting the standard for neurosurgical treatment of infants, children, teens and young adults with neurologic disease. Our team is also leading research in innovative therapies for the developing nervous system.

The Neurological Research Institute

The Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute (NRI) provides a collaborative environment to accelerate the study and treatment of pediatric neurological disorders, such as Angelman syndrome, epilepsy and Rett syndrome.

Why choose Texas Children’s Neuroscience Center?

Our highly skilled teams are leading their fields in research, treatment and neurosurgical procedures for all types of pediatric neurological conditions. As one of the largest programs of its kind in the nation, the Neuroscience Center provides lifesaving treatments for thousands of critically ill children every year. Here are some reasons why doctors from across the country and around the world send their patients to us:

National and international recognition

Our teams are constantly striving to be better in every way: our clinical care, patient outcomes and research innovations. That’s what the rankings from U.S. News & World Report measure, and that’s why we’re so proud when they continue to move in the right direction. As the No. 3 pediatric hospital in the nation for neurology and neurosurgery, we’re committed to setting new standards in children’s treatment and pioneering innovative therapies.

Multidisciplinary team of experts

The Neuroscience Center provides the highest quality of care available with our multispecialty team experienced in treating the most complex neurological conditions. Our team includes neurosurgeons, neurologists, advanced practice providers, nurses and many others — all leaders in the field of pediatric neurology and neurosurgery.

Centers of excellence

Many of our programs and centers are centers of excellence, which means they offer diagnosis, treatment and services that meet or exceed the highest standards for patient care and safety. Read about all our Neuroscience Center programs and services.

Innovative breakthroughs in neurological research

Our experts in the Neuroscience Center are continuously investigating childhood neurological diseases with the goal of improving the standard of care for our patients. By identifying new treatments for devastating conditions, we’re changing the landscape for conditions that were previously considered untreatable or incurable. Learn more about the Neuroscience Center research.