Movement Disorders Program

<p>Movement Disorders Program</p>

Experienced care for children who have trouble with movement and muscle control

Movement disorders can greatly affect a child’s ability to participate in activities at home, in school and in sports and recreation. At Texas Children’s Hospital, the specialists in our Movement Disorders Program diagnose and treat these conditions in infants, children and teens. We work closely with you and your child to tailor a care plan that helps your child get the most out of life.

Movement disorders we treat in infants, children and teens

Movement disorders are neurological (nerve-related) conditions that cause problems with muscle movement and control, such as:

  • Increased movement, such as muscle spasms, jerking or shaking
  • Decreased or slow movements
  • Movements that a child chooses to make (voluntary)
  • Uncontrolled (involuntary) movements

Learn more about the movement disorders we treat.

Multispecialty team for complete care of pediatric movement disorders

Our doctors, surgeons and other providers come from several specialties, bringing together a full spectrum of expertise. We work as a team to manage the wide-ranging symptoms that movement disorders can cause.

Our specialists have additional years of advanced training in pediatric neurology, developmental neuroscience, neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, neuropsychology, physical medicine and rehabilitation and others. Meet our team.

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