Texas Children's Lung Transplant Program is among the largest pediatric lung transplantation programs in the world and is one of only two institutions performing over 10 pediatric lung transplants per year.

With a median wait time of less than four months, it offers a shorter wait time than most other pediatric programs. Texas Children's highly experienced, multidisciplinary team has transplanted lungs in children from all areas of the United States.

The physicians and staff of Texas Children's Lung Transplant Program are committed to providing patients with excellent medical care, honest and timely communication, and multidisciplinary team care.

Through quality improvement and clinical research, our mission is to make the outcomes of the future even better than they are today.

Our Team

The lung transplant team at Texas Children’s Hospital is much more than just a surgical team. Our transplant coordinators work with surgeons, cardiologists, social workers, child life specialists, dietitians, pharmacists and physical and occupational therapists to give your child the best care possible.

Our lung transplant team treats the most challenging and rarest of cases giving every child the best chance for recovery.