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Helping your young athlete make good food choices

Growing bodies need lots of healthy fuel – especially when they’re running, jumping and playing. Active kids should watch what they eat even more closely to keep up their energy and stamina.

But we know it can get complicated. Kids often are picky eaters, tending to prefer ice cream over broccoli. And everyone is so busy, it can be difficult to find a window of time to sit down together for a meal. However, the extra effort will pay off in big way for your child – now and in the future.

Texas Children’s and the Houston Texans are experts at what athletes should eat. Our Healthy eating guide has plenty of tips to help make feeding your child a nutritious diet a little easier. By the way, these tips work for the whole family.

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Winning care for growing athletes

To ensure your child stays healthy, schedule routine visits to a pediatrician. At Texas Children’s Pediatrics, we have more than 50 convenient, community locations. Find a pediatrician.

Our renowned Sports Medicine Department can help if your child has an injury or physical issue.

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