Where to Begin

Physicians or patients may initiate the referral process in one of the following ways:

Online: Submit an online referral form to Texas Children’s Fetal Center

By phone: For urgent matters, please contact us by phone at 832-822-2229 or 877-338-2579 (toll free). Phones are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

By email: You may also email us at fetalcenter@texaschildrens.org

By fax: Fax a Fetal Referral Form, along with all necessary medical records, to 832-824-7333.

Whether you are a physician looking to refer a patient, or a concerned mother-to-be, you can trust Texas Children’s Fetal Center Cardiology team to provide the best possible care for both mother and unborn baby.

A broad spectrum of reasons may prompt a consult with our Texas Children’s Fetal Center Cardiology team. Regardless of the level of concern for an anomaly, each patient will receive comprehensive, individualized and transparent attention, as well as clear, real-time direction for next steps. Following are some reasons to come to our center:

Routine Screenings. Certain risk factors increase the occurrence of a fetal cardiac abnormality. These include high-risk pregnancies, in-vitro fertilization, diabetes, and a family history of heart defect, to name a few. Early detection and diagnostics are key to maximizing outcomes in most cases. Should an anomaly be detected by our fetal cardiologists, these patients are already in the best place for all potential further treatment needed.

Confirmation of Diagnosis. If there is already suspicion of a problem, or a diagnosis has been made, a referral is the first step toward gaining answers and a treatment plan. Once referred, pregnant mothers will be directly connected with a fetal cardiology nurse who will walk the entire treatment journey alongside them.  She will navigate the journey as a partner and engage all multi-disciplinary physicians and teams to prepare a smooth neonatal transition.

Alternate Opinion. As a premier fetal cardiology center, and part of the #1 ranked Texas Children’s Heart Center, there is no better place to seek an alternate opinion or treatment strategy for your unborn child.

Regardless of the level of suspicion or complexity of condition, Texas Children’s Fetal Center offers unmatched care and peace of mind in the treatment and diagnosis of fetal cardiac anomalies. Contact us today.