Volunteering with the Child Life Department

The Child Life Department provides volunteer placements for people in the community to provide fun and play opportunities for our patients and families. We partner with our Volunteer Services program to provide opportunities to engage in play and normalization with our patients and families. 

Some of the opportunities include:

  • Baby Holders
  • Playroom Support
  • Patient Pals
  • Library Assistants
  • Radio Lollipop Support

Learning Lab Tutors

The Learning Lab at Texas Children's Hospital is happy to offer specialized volunteer positions to Texas Children’s Volunteers with a passion and talent for teaching. 

Upper Level Course Specific Tutor
These volunteers offer course specific tutoring in upper level grades and subjects ranging from Physics, Chemistry, Calculus and History. Volunteers must be proficient in one or more subject areas and must be comfortable explaining how to solve these higher level problems.

Elementary Level Tutor
These Volunteers provide elementary and junior high level educational training including reading, math, and science for grades K-8. Volunteers need to be creative and willing to think on their feet to adapt the lessons to a hospital setting. Creativity is a must and encouraged to maintain the challenge of being a Learning Lab Tutor.

If you’re interested in becoming a Learning Lab Tutor, please specify interest in Learning Lab Tutor on the portion of the application labeled “additional notes.” 

Healing Notes Volunteers

The Music Therapy program at Texas Children's Hospital is happy to offer specialized volunteer positions to Texas Children's Hospital Volunteers with a passion and talent for music! After completing our Healing Notes specific training, our volunteers use instrument play and performance to enhance the hospital experience for Texas Children's Hospital patients and families. Healing Notes volunteers currently serve in two capacities within the hospital. Below you can find information about the two types of Healing Notes Volunteers and the requirements for each type.

Individual/Group Music Experience Leader
These Healing Notes volunteers offer individual and group music experiences within the hospital. These volunteers must be proficient in singing AND proficient in one melodic accompanying instrument (guitar, piano, ukulele, etc.) and must be confident in performing in front of individuals and groups. Additionally, some of these volunteers provide improvisation experiences for groups using multiple instruments, and must be comfortable leading instrument play. 

Sound Engineer/Studio Volunteer
Studio Volunteers with a passion for musical fun, provide Open Studio Hours in the Kid’s Own Studio. During these times, patients/siblings enter the studio and experiment with various instruments or participate in karaoke hours. These volunteers are provided with general training regarding the studio equipment. We are also interested in Sound Engineer volunteers to provide professional grade audio recordings, music mixing/mastering, and digital music compositions for patients/families. These volunteers would come equipped with prior training and knowledge of GarageBand/Ableton/Logic, as well as a basic understanding of set up/tear down of music recording equipment.

If you are interested in becoming a Healing Notes volunteer, please specify interest in Music Therapy Healing Notes Program on the portion of the application labeled “additional notes.” 

Child Life Media Volunteer

Kids’ Own Studio volunteers partner with the Child Life Media Producer to produce television shows for ZTV19, shoot and edit video in our state-of-the-art studio, master and operate professional-grade equipment, and engage with patients and families to create customized multimedia projects. Volunteers work collaboratively with other members of the Child Life department including child life specialists, child life activity coordinators, library coordinators, and music therapists.

If you’re interested in becoming a Child Life Media Volunteer, please specify interest in Child Life Media programs on the portion of the application labeled “additional notes.” 

If you are interested in supporting patients and families on a regular basis in any of the roles above, please use the following link to apply. It is important to note that volunteers would need to complete the initial process, which includes: completing an application at the link below, attending an orientation and interview session, submitting a clear TB skin test / healthy history questionnaire and clear background check before being placed in a program. 

For groups or individuals looking to provide specific support, these additional volunteer opportunities are available:

Children in the hospital benefit from having normal life experiences while they are in the hospital. Our child life department tries to ensure that even though children are in the hospital they have opportunities to participate in these life experiences. These opportunities include: celebrating holidays, back to school events, camps, family and peer bonding, and so much more. If you would like to help support one of these events, please contact volunteergroups@texaschildrens.org.