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Texas Children’s Hospital Brachial Plexus Clinic offers a comprehensive treatment plan to all infants and children affected by brachial plexus injury. Whether the injury is from newborn delivery or a football tackle, our team has the experience and expertise to care for your child.

What is a brachial plexus injury?

At the brachial plexus, several nerves from the cervical spine are grouped together before they branch out and travel to specific areas of the arm and hand. It’s located in the front of the shoulder, below the collar bone. This area is not covered with bone and is therefore prone to injury — commonly from shoulder rotation during birth, traumatic injury or sports contact with this sensitive area.

Symptoms of brachial plexus injury include weakness, pain, sensory loss and/or function impairment of the arm or hand.

How are brachial plexus injuries treated?

Our multidisciplinary team includes experts from plastic surgery, physical medicine and rehabilitation, occupational therapy, neurosurgery, neurology and orthopedics. Surgery and/or injections may be necessary to restore optimal nerve function. Occupational and physical therapy are involved in many cases to restore strength and flexibility to affected areas. Each provider on our team has experience and specialized training in brachial plexus injuries so that your child receives the most up-to-date treatment plan available.

Texas Children’s offers a unique opportunity to practice infant therapy exercises on a model prior to working with your child. This collaboration with Rice University Department of Engineering enables caregivers to feel confident in their ability to continue important therapy exercises at home.

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