We wrote the book on pediatrics


We wrote the book on pediatrics | Texas Children's Hospital
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I always say that Texas Children’s Hospital is the best place in the world to be a pediatrician. We’re truly blessed to have so many reasons to be proud of this fantastic hospital. For example, through the education and training of medical students, pediatric residents and pediatric subspecialty fellows, Texas Children’s plays a vital role in ensuring that unborn children will have access to high-quality health care 10, 20 and 30 years from now. Every Baylor College of Medicine medical student, approximately 200 each year, does core clinical training in pediatrics at Texas Children’s under the direct supervision of our outstanding clinical and teaching faculty. In addition, at any given time, about 400 pediatric residents and pediatric subspecialty fellows are training with us, typically for three or more years each. Our residency and fellowship programs are among the best and most competitive nationwide, attracting the best and brightest young physicians to Houston from across the U.S. Our residency program received more than 1,000 applications this year for just 46 first-year positions. We were the only large children’s hospital in the U.S. to fill every available position in all of our subspecialty fellowships.

Experience caring for patients in an amazing institution like Texas Children’s is indispensable to the career development of our brilliant young physicians, but every physician must also have basic knowledge of human physiology, genetics, microbiology and pharmacology, as well as a multitude of disease processes and their therapeutic management. In all of these areas, Texas Children’s has things covered. Today, Baylor College of Medicine faculty members based at Texas Children’s edit the major textbooks used worldwide to train physicians in pediatrics, pediatric infectious diseases, pediatric oncology and pediatric cardiology. Millions of children and families worldwide who we’ll never meet are the beneficiaries of this work done right here at Texas Children’s. No children’s hospital worldwide has a larger reach or bigger impact on the lives of children and families who need us most. Now, that’s something to be really proud of!