Best of 2019 on Pavilion for Women's blog


2019 was an amazing year at Texas Children's Pavilion for Women. We delivered thousands of babies, performed many fetoscopic interventions, operated on the tiniest of babies, made advancements in fertility treatments, and so much more. Looking back on our year, we are reminded that our patients are at the center of the Pavilion for Women and we are so privileged to serve them now and in the future. Here are some of the most touching stories of 2019.

Kestly deliverd Alden while receving ACHD care

Blessing was honored at a golf tournament 

Kai survived amniotic band sydrome

Sorian celebrated 7 years of living with Spina Bifida 

Everett stood tall on his own

Emerson celebrated her 5th birthday 

Meryl and Rachel shared their first moments as moms 


Kristen overcame infertility