Sports Hernia


What Causes a Sports Hernia?

A Sports Hernia is a result of injury to the muscles in the groin area and/or abdomen. It is most frequently associated with sports that require frequent bending, rotation, and turning. Most patients report pain in their groin and into their abdomen with activity. Sports hernias are also referred to as “athletic pubalgia”.

How are Sports Hernias Diagnosed?

The doctor will ask about your child’s health history and examine your child. He or she will check your child’s hip for tenderness and pain, as well as examine range of motion and strength of your child’s hip. An X-Ray or MRI may also be done. These tests take images of the inside of the body. They help the doctor diagnose the injury.

How are Sports Hernias Treated?

Sports hernias are typically treated with rest. Activity may, very likely, increase your child’s symptoms. Length of rest for sports hernias varies on severity of injury. Your doctor may also prescribe anti-inflammatory medication to help ease the pain and inflammation of the injured area. If conservative treatment does not help reduce your child’s symptoms, please consult with your doctor to discuss other interventions.

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