What is Pseudostrabismus?

Strabismus is the medical term for eye misalignment. Pseudostrabismus refers to a false appearance of eye misalignment. Usually the eye or eyes have the false appearance of turning inward, but the false appearance can sometimes be in other directions as well.

Why does an eye or eyes look crossed?

The skin fold at the inner corner of the eyelids may be broad (epicanthal folds) or the nasal bridge may be wide. These features cause a crossed eye appearance because there is less space (the white area) between the colored part of the eye (iris) and the corner of the eye toward the nose. This is especially noticeable in pictures.

How can I tell it’s pseudostrabismus?

The eye specialist determines if light reflecting from the surface of each eye is centered. For example, if the light from a camera flash falls in the same place on each eye, pseudostrabismus is likely present. If a true eye misalignment is present, the light reflections will not fall on the same position of each eye. Special and simple office testing is done by an eye specialist to confirm the diagnosis.

How do you treat pseudostrabismus?

No treatment is needed. The false appearance of eye misalignment tends to improve with time as a child's face matures.