Abnormal Head Posture


What is Abnormal Head Posture?

While problems with neck muscles are the most common cause of abnormal head posture in a child, certain eye conditions can also lead to an abnormal head posture. This abnormal head posture may involve a child tilting the head to the side in order to see or turning the head to one side when looking at things. Typically, a full eye exam is needed to evaluate the patient to see if an eye condition is causing the abnormal head posture.

What eye conditions can lead to abnormal head posture?

Common eye conditions that can lead to abnormal head posture include: misalignment of the eyes, , abnormal eye movements, jiggling of the eyes (nystagmus), and the need for glasses. A full eye exam should be performed to check for these conditions. 

What is the treatment for abnormal head posture caused by an eye condition?

Abnormal head posture caused by an eye condition can usually can be corrected by treating the eye problem causing the abnormal head posture. For example, if the abnormal head posture is felt to be because the child needs glasses, the proper glasses prescription would be prescribed. Eye misalignments are usually be treated with glasses or surgery. An abnormal head posture due to the jiggling of the eyes (nystagmus) can also be cared for with surgery.