Knock Knees


Knock knees is a normal condition where a child's knees are closer together than her ankles. This can start around age 2 to 3, is at its worst around age 4 and should correct itself by age 6.

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Patients can be seen by Texas Children's experts in Orthopedics.

Causes & Risk Factors

This is a normal variation for children that does not require correction. It will not cause long-term problems.

Symptoms & Types

There are no adverse symptoms associated with knock knees.

Diagnosis & Tests

A doctor may recommend a physical exam and x-rays.

Treatment & Care

Observation by a health care provider is the best treatment for knock knees. Your primary care provider can help you understand if something is out of the ordinary.

Living & Managing

Children who may have knock knees have a normal quality of life and are not limited in activity.