Hip Strains


Hip Strains


What Causes A Hip Strain?

Hip strains (often referred to as a “pulled muscle”) are when one or more of the muscles that compose the hip joint have an injury. These injuries can vary in severity. Hip strains can be caused by an acute event (sudden start or stop while running/jogging/jumping), or from overuse. They are commonly seen in athletes who return to rigorous sport activities after a long period of rest, or in athletes who do not rest from activity frequently.

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Hip Strains?

  • Some athletes report feeling a “pop” in the front of their leg (quadriceps), back of the leg (hamstring/buttocks), or other areas
  • Pain or a “pulling” sensation in the area of injury
  • Bruising (black & blue) of the injured area
  • Decreased movement of the injured area due to pain

How Are Hip Strains Diagnosed?

The doctor will ask about your child’s health history and examine your child. He or she will check your child’s hip for tenderness and pain, as well as examine the range of motion and strength of your child’s hip. An X-ray or MRI may also be done. These tests take images of the inside of the body. They help the doctor diagnose the injury.

How Are Hip Strains Treated?

Hip strains can be treated a variety of different ways. Your doctor may prescribe a home exercise program for your child to begin, with the addition of Physical Therapy with one of our Physical Therapists. Often times, ice is recommended to reduce pain and inflammation (15 minutes & 3 times a day. Please note to not put the ice directly on your skin). An anti-inflammatory may also be prescribed by your doctor to help alleviate pain and reduce inflammation.

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