The Hip Joint


The Hip Joint

The Parts of the Joint

The Hip Joint is where the femur (long leg bone) meets the pelvis (hip bone)

  • Muscles, ligaments, and other soft tissue, attach the femur to the pelvis to make up the hip joint, allowing us to move
  • Much like the shoulder, the hip is a ball and socket joint
  • Most of our muscles that allow us to walk, jog, run, and jump come from our hip joint
  • Like other joints of the body, the hip has bursa (fluid filled sacs) that cushions the hip when it moves
  • The primary muscles of the hip joint include the quadriceps (front of your leg), your hamstrings (back of your leg), glutes (buttocks), and adductors (groin region)


Hip Joint

Injuries to the hip consist of joint sprains, muscle strains, impingement, bursitis, and others.

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