Hip Healthy Swaddling for Babies


Wrapping your Baby Tightly, or Swaddling, Can Help Newborns

Swaddling babies is a common practice worldwide. Wrapping babies securely helps them feel safe and secure as if in the womb. This cozy feeling can calm babies and help them sleep.

The blanket should be snug at the shoulders and loose below the waist. Swaddling is not recommended after the age of 2 months or after a baby starts rolling. If the blanket becomes undone or babies are able to roll over, their face can become tangled in the blanket and they could suffocate. You should discuss swaddling with your baby’s healthcare provider.

Hip Healthy Swaddling for BabiesCómo envolver a su bebé para que desarrolle caderas saludables

Do: Keep the Swaddle Loose at the Hips

Swaddling for healthy hip development should allow the baby’s legs to bend up and out at the hip joint. In this relaxed position, the hip joint can develop normally.

Do Not: Tightly Swaddle the Legs

When swaddling, the baby’s legs should not be wrapped tightly and forced straight down and together. Swaddling with the hips and knees straight may cause the hip joint not to form properly and increase the risk of hip dislocation.