Corneal Foreign Body


What is a corneal foreign body?

The cornea is the clear tissue in the front of the eye. The term “corneal foreign body” is used to describe any material that is stuck in the cornea. Since the cornea is like the windshield of the eye, an object stuck in the cornea can significantly affect vision.

What are examples of corneal foreign bodies?

Corneal foreign bodies can range from particles in facial scrubs to small pieces of metal from playing with metal or doing metal-on-metal work, like hammering or drilling.

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms include eye redness, discharge, tearing, pain, blurred vision, and/or the sensation that something is stuck in the eye.

What is the treatment?

Whenever there is an object stuck in the cornea, it must be removed. This can be done in the clinic or in the operating room, depending on the severity and the child’s age. It is usually done under a microscope to ensure that the removal is done in the safest and most effective way possible. Your doctor will prescribe eye drops to use after the removal.

How do I prevent my child from getting something in his or her eye?

Wearing eye protection in the form of eyeglasses, sports glasses, or safety glasses is the best way to prevent serious eye injuries.