Core Strength Routine: Basic


Do these exercises in this order.  Spend at least 1 minute doing each exercise.  MUST be done with proper form.

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  • Knees bent, feet flat, hands across chest. 
  • Tighten stomach muscles, lift shoulders up slowly, hold 2 counts, go back down slowly.
  • Repeat.

Sitting Tucks

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    Lean back on hands, legs in front.

  • Lift feet slightly off floor, pull knees close to chest slowly, press feet out slowly, keep feet lifted. 
  • Repeat.


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    On back, knees bent, hands behind head.

  • Lift feet slightly off floor, bend slowly side-to-side.


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    Keep torso straight by tightening abdominal muscles.

  • Up slowly, down slowly, repeat.
  • Can be done with feet or knees on floor.


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    Lay face down, arms & legs extended. 

  • Slowly lift arms & legs slightly off floor, hold 2 count, back down slowly. 
  • Repeat.

Double-Side Leg Raise

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    Lay on side.

  • Slowly raise both legs 3-6 inches, hold 2 counts, lower legs back down slowly. 
  • Repeat 5-15 times, then move to other side.


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    On hands & knees. 

  • Keep abdominal muscles tight and back straight.
  • Raise one arm, hold 3-5 count, place arm back down.
  • Raise opposite leg, hold 3-5 count, place leg back down.
  • Repeat with other arm, then other leg. 

Leg-Out & Back

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    On hands & knees. 

  • Keep abdominal muscles tight & back straight.
  • Lift knee out to the side, then slowly extend back, then back down.
  • Repeat with other leg. 
  • Repeat. 

Side Leg Raise

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    Lay on side, hand behind head, other arm in front. 

  • Slowly raise leg about 30 degrees, hold for 2 counts, then lower leg back down slowly.
  • Repeat 10-20 times. Then turn to the other side and repeat on other leg.


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    On back, arms at side, knees bent, feet flat.

  • Lift up hips slowly, keep torso straight for 2 counts, then slowly lower back down.
  • Repeat. 

Side Reach

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    Start with feet together, balance on 1 foot while slowly reaching out as far as you can with other foot, tap floor and place feet back together.

  • Keep back straight.
  • Repeat 5-10 on one side, then the other side.

Split Squat

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    Start with feet together.

  • Take small step forward, bend both knees & sink down slowly. 
  • Keep back straight. 
  • Come up slowly, feet back together.
  • Next step out with other foot.
  • Repeat.