For Vendors

Beginning October 1, 2021 we will be transitioning to a new payment system. Below are some key data points you need to know as supplier/vendor.

All invoices MUST be sent to, only one invoice per PDF attachment is allowed.  Invoices must have the following:

  • Texas Children’s PO number on the header of the invoice.
  • Name of the Texas Children’s employee who requested the goods or services.

The new Supplier Self- Service Portal allows you to:

  • Communicate directly through the self-service portal with your Texas Children’s partners.
  • Access to Payment Information, RFP’s/RFI’s, purchase orders, and agreements.
  • Access to individual supplier information based on the role you registered for in the supplier portal, access to secure information is role-based.
  • Review activity and transactions that require attention in one place.

Follow up Communications - You will receive additional communication from us regarding Voyager and the Supplier Self- Service Portal. Keep an eye out!

Vendor Registration

Texas Children’s Hospital has implemented a vendor program that includes a series of strict policies aimed at better managing the rising complexity of regulatory compliance issues. The policies were developed with patient safety in mind and will enforce protocols for a more professional and consistent relationship with vendors.

All active vendors must register in order to continue doing business with Texas Children’s Hospital. There is an annual fee for vendor registration which is per representative. The actual fee is determined by the hospital based on the vendor’s risk profile. We expect all vendors who interact with us to register and provide his/her representative details.

If you have questions or require technical assistance in completing the registration, please contact Green Security at 866-750-3373 or  

Standard Purchase Order Terms and Conditions