Find a Laboratory Terzah Horton, MD, PhD

Dr. Terzah Horton’s research focuses on the molecular changes in cell cycle genes/proteins that might cause leukemias and lymphomas. Her goal is to identify molecular defects contributing to leukemia and lymphoma. By doing this, more knowledge may be gained regarding the predisposition to cancer development in leukemias, and in turn, light may be shed on the process of cancer development and growth regulation in general.

Dr. Terzah Horton is also interested in proteomics and the deregulation of cell cycle protein degradation during the development of malignancy, particularly leukemias and lymphomas. She is particularly interested in ubiquitination and the alterations that occur in the ubiquitin pathway during carcinogenesis. She is currently the study coordinator for two Phase II clinical trials as a member of the Developmental Therapeutics Program.

Methods (PDFs)

Protein lysates for Western blots

Isolation of PBMC from bone marrow/blood and apoptosis flow cytometry for ADVL0317

Isolation of PBMC for bone marrow/blood for ADVL0411

MTT assay Protocol

Western blots using BioRad setup

NF-kB nuclear lysates and ELISA


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