Areas of Research Translational Imaging Group

<p>Translational Imaging Group</p>

The Translational Imaging Group (TIGr) is a rich mixture of engineers, clinicians, biologists, and mathematicians, ranging from early career scientists and graduate students to mature researchers with 30+ years of professional experience. We design, build, and test novel imaging methods, devices and materials that could become the medical imaging technologies of the future. Ongoing developments in our laboratories include: 

  • Novel nanoparticle contrast agents for CT and MRI  
  • Next-generation molecular imaging agents  
  • Next-generation near-infrared imaging devices for optical deep-tissue imaging 
  • Development of novel imaging agents and methods for low-field permanent magnet MRI

An underlying principle of TIGr is to first identify a medical need, usually in collaboration with a physician, and then pursue a novel technological solution to the associated problem. Formulating our projects in this manner allows us to always be responsive to a clinical need. TIGr is funded by multiple NIH grants, foundation grants and corporate contracts. 

Recent TIGr projects following this paradigm, include:

  • Vascular heterogeneity and CSC distributions in neuroblastoma using novel contrast agents  
  • Surgical planning using 3D printed models of anatomy  
  • Vascular heterogeneity in MoyaMoya disease  
  • Vascular and Molecular Imaging of the Placenta in Health and Disease 
  • AI-enhanced diagnostics for COVID-19 

Key recent publications

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