Areas of Research Portal Vein Thrombosis Program

Our team of multidisciplinary experts meet regularly to refine surgical techniques, create and perfect clinical care protocols for our patients and participate in groundbreaking research. For example, we’re refining the surgical technique for the MesoRex shunt, the portosystemic shunt and the modified Sugiura technique to treat portal hypertension, a disease manifested by GI bleeding, portal biliopathy, splenomegaly with thrombocytopenia, neurocognitive defects and growth retardation.

We also have created a protocol to facilitate evaluation of a patient with portal hypertension, including imaging assessment of anatomy, vaccinations, hypercoagulable work up, evaluation of conduits followed by postoperative care (including PICU care), medications, US frequency and surveillance.  

The program’s bi-monthly conference is led by our hepatologists from Texas Children’s Department of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition, and includes GI fellows as well as advanced practice providers as part of their didactic experience. Over the past year, we broadened the scope of our program to also include research, developing an Institutional Review Board to begin review of our cohort and our experiences, ranging from technical nuances to Doppler sonography to development of a novel surgical technique. Our findings will be garnered in an effort to establish guidelines for optimal patient care.