About Us Patient Experience Score: Pain Control

Why is pain control important? 

Managing your pain is important to your healing and well-being. We respect and support your personal decisions about pain management and pain control. We will work with you to help you be as comfortable as possible during your stay with us.

What does the pain control score measure?

These scores are based on the number of patients giving the highest possible rating when asked about how well their pain was managed during their hospital stay. Our goal is continuous improvement in keeping your pain under control.

What can you do as a patient?

Here are some ways you can help us keep you as comfortable as possible:

  • If you are planning for labor pain management, read here and talk to your provider in advance about your options. We work with you to support your choices during your labor. We support natural birthing by using birthing balls, breathing techniques, massage, hydrotherapy, and other methods of making the birthing process more comfortable. If you choose, epidurals and other medications are also available in addition to these techniques
  • If you are having a scheduled procedure, visit our Surgery Preparation page for details about scheduling a pre-anesthesia testing appointment prior to your hospital admission. This will help us prepare together to meet your unique needs. Tell us about your pain management needs, and let us know how we can best support your choices.
  • Provide us with feedback — let us know how well we managed your pain, based on your preferences, and how we can do better. You can do this by responding to our patient satisfaction survey, which is administered anonymously by Press Ganey, a third-party company. In addition, you may immediately report feedback and concerns directly to the Family Advocacy department by calling 832-824-1919.