About Us Patient Experience Score: Care Instructions

Why are care instructions important?

Care instructions are the directions we provide and discuss with you at the end of your office visit or hospital stay. Care instructions also help ensure you have comprehensive information on caring for yourself and your baby after you leave the hospital, as well as when and how to follow up. We want you to feel comfortable, confident and supported; providing care instructions is an important part of our responsibility and commitment to you.

What does the care instructions score measure?

This score comes from the feedback we receive on specific questions in our patient experience survey. The score tells us how well we did as a team in giving you the instructions you need to care for yourself and your baby after leaving the hospital, and about how and when to follow-up based on your unique needs. It tells us the percentage of patients who gave the highest possible scores when responding to questions about receiving these important instructions.

What can you do as a patient or parent?

We are your partner in care. We encourage you to ask questions and let us know how we can best support you during your hospital stay and as your transition back home. Tell us about any special needs or concerns you have. We are here to help you not only during your visit, but as you transition back home.

Complete our patient satisfaction survey. Sharing your valuable feedback enables us to learn how we can improve care and the transition from hospital to home. This patient satisfaction survey is administered anonymously by Press Ganey, a third-party vendor, so while your provider and healthcare team get your important feedback, no one knows which patient gave us this information.