About Us Cesarean Delivery Surgical Site Infection Rate

Why is the cesarean delivery surgical site infection rate important?

A surgical site infection is an infection in the part of the body where the surgery took place. A surgical site infection can lead to increased pain, slower healing, or even to needing another hospital admission to help with recovery. It can also lead to other serious complications if not treated early.

What does the cesarean delivery surgical site infection rate measure?

This graph shows the number of patients who got a surgical site infection out of every 100 cesarean deliveries at the Pavilion for Women. We have safe processes in place that reduce the risk of infection. Our goal is for no one to develop a surgical site infection.

What can you do as a patient?

  • Make sure to follow your provider’s pre-surgical instructions carefully.
  • Talk to your provider about how long to avoid shaving or waxing before your delivery.
  • Once you are in the hospital, speak up if you notice that anyone, including members of the healthcare team, has not washed his or her hands.
  • Do not let family or friends touch your surgical wound or dressing.
  • Talk to your provider immediately if you have any concerns about your surgical site (the area of your body where the surgery took place), or if you have any symptoms of infection. Some signs of infection are fever or redness, pain, or drainage from the area of your body where you had surgery.
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