Appointments PreCheck-In at Texas Children's

Check In Before Your Checkup

PreCheck-In from MyChart makes it easy for you to prepare for your upcoming appointment. You can complete nearly all of the check in process tasks via MyChart from the comfort of your home – or anywhere!

Approximately a week before your appointment, you will receive a message to PreCheck-In so you can take care of the following appointment necessities before your arrive.

  • Option to pay visit copays
  • Verify or update insurance and demographics information
  • Review medications, allergies, and current health issues
  • Answer health questionnaires

Then please let the front desk staff know that you are here for your appointment so we know you’re ready.  

To use PreCheck-In you can:

  1. Log in to MyChart.
  2. Select My Appointments.
  3. Click My Upcoming Appointments.
  4. Choose your appointment and select “PreCheck-In” or “Update Info” to start the process.