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6701 Fannin Street
5th Floor - Suite 510
Houston, TX 77030

John T. Stout, MD, PhD

Chairman, Sid W. Richardson Professor, and Margarett Root Brown Chair

Director-Cullen Eye Institute and Chair-Department of Ophthalmology, Baylor College of Medicine
Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology – Baylor College of Medicine
Faculty – Texas Children's Hospital


School Education Degree Year
University of Oregon Other Master of Business Admin. 2006
University of Southern California Fellowship Surgical Retina 1995
Moorfields Eye Hospital Fellowship Medical Retina 1994
University of Southern California Residency Ophthalmology 1993
Baylor College of Medicine Internship Pediatrics 1990
Baylor College of Medicine Medical School Doctor of Medicine 1989
Baylor College of Medicine Professional Education Doctor of Philosophy 1987


Dr. Stout specializes in retina/macular and retinal vascular diseases. His current research projects include human gene and stem cell therapy for proliferative and inherited ocular disease, retinal disease genotype-phenotype correlation and intraocular angiogenesis.

In 2008, Dr. Stout was named vice president for commercialization at OHSU with the objective of moving discoveries from the labs to the clinics as rapidly and as safely as possible.

Dr. Stout received a bachelor’s of arts degree from Rice University and a master’s of business administration degree from the University of Oregon. He completed his internship at Texas Children’s Hospital and his residency at the University of Southern California after earning his BCM degrees.

Professional Interests

  • Pediatric Vitreoretinal Diseases and Surgery
  • Genetics and Stem Cell Therapy


Organization Name Role
American Academy of Ophthalmology Member
American College of Surgeons Member
American Medical Association Member
American Ophthalmological Society Member
American Society of Gene Therapy Member
American Society of Human Genetics Member
Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology Member
Association of University Professors of Ophthalmology Member
Houston Ophthalmological Society Member
International Society for Genetic Eye Diseases Member
Macula Society Member
Texas Medical Association Member
Texas Ophthalmological Association Member

Selected Publications

Stempel AJ, Morgans CW, Stout JT, Appukuttan B.. "Simultaneous visualization and cell-specific confirmation of RNA and protein in the mouse retina.." Mol Vis. 2014 September 21;20:1366-73. Pubmed PMID: 25352743

Stout TE, McFarland T, Mitchell JC, Appukuttan B, Stout JT. "Recombinant filaggrin is internalized and processed to correct filaggrin deficiency.." J Invest Dermatol.. 2014;134(2):423-9. Pubmed PMID: 23792461

Stout JT. Francis PJ. "Surgical approaches to gene and stem cell therapy for retinal disease." Human Gene Therapy. 2011 May 22:531-5. Pubmed PMID: 21480778

Francis PJ. Wang S. Zhang Y. Brown A. Hwang T. McFarland TJ. Jeffrey BG. Lu B. Wright L. Appukuttan B. Wilson DJ. Stout JT. Neuringer M. Gamm DM. Lund RD. "Subretinal transplantation of forebrain progenitor cells in nonhuman primates: survival and intact retinal function.." Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science. 2009 July;50(7):3425-31. Pubmed PMID: 19234356

Francis PJ. Appukuttan B. Simmons E. Landauer N. Stoddard J. Hamon S. Ott J. Ferguson B. Klein M. Stout JT. Neuringer M. "Rhesus monkeys and humans share common susceptibility genes for age-related macular disease." Human Molecular Genetics. 2008 September 1;17(17):2673-80. Pubmed PMID: 18535016

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