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Diwakar Turaga, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Section of Critical Care Medicine

Baylor College of Medicine


School Education Degree Year
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center fellowship Pediatric Critical Care 2019
University of California at San Francisco School of Medicine fellowship Pediatric Cardiology 2018
Washington University – St Louis Children’s Hospital residency Pediatrics 2015
Washington University - St. Louis PhD Doctor of Philosophy 2012
Washington University – St Louis medical school Doctor of Medicine 2012



I am a physician-scientist with clinical training in pediatric cardiac critical care and research training in stem-cell biology and microscopy. My career objective is to bring cardiac regenerative medicine therapies to the bedside.

Clinical Interests:

Congenital cardiac critical care

Research Interests:

Regenerative medicine, stem-cell derived cardiac microtissues, light sheet microscopy, Calcium imaging 


Organization Name Role
American Academy of Pediatrics Member


Selected Publications

Hammen GF, Turaga D and Holy TE, Meeks JP, “Functional glomerular maps of the accessory olfactory bulb reveal a regionally homophylic, locally heterophylic organization.” Nature Neuroscience 17(7): 953(2014).

Turaga D and Holy TE, “Aberrations and their correction in light-sheet microscopy: a low-dimensional parameterization.” Biomed Opt Express 4(9):1654 (2013).

Turaga D and Holy TE, “Organization of vomeronasal sensory coding revealed by fast volumetric calcium imaging.” Journal of Neuroscience 32:1612 (2012).

Turaga D and Holy TE, “Image-based calibration of a deformable mirror in wide-field microscopy.” Applied Optics 49:2030 (2010).

Turaga D and Holy TE, “Miniaturization and defocus correction for objective-coupled planar illumination microscopy.” Optics Letters 33:2302 (2008).

Holekamp TF, Turaga D and Holy TE, “Fast three-dimensional fluorescence imaging of activity in neural populations by objective-coupled planar illumination microscopy.” Neuron 57:661 (2008).

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