Pavilion for Women Enhanced Recovery After Surgery

Program Overview

Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (ERAS) is a program that uses best practices in surgical care and is designed to improve the experience of patients who need surgery. By preparing patients about what to expect prior to, during and after surgery, patients understand the process and become participants in their own care.

Research has shown that ERAS programs help patients recover sooner, so life can return to normal as quickly as possible. The ERAS program requires that patients are actively involved in their recovery.

Our Approach to Peri-Operative Care

Peri-operative surgical care is focused on aligning the patient and care teams to work together before, during and after surgery to improve quality outcomes.

Your pre-operative care team will prepare you for surgery by educating you about your procedure and what to expect. The team will:

  • Assess your need for specialty consultation prior to surgery to optimize treatment of medical disorders.
  • Consult dietitians to create pre- and post-operative meal plans, if needed.
  • Order physical therapy consultation for preand post-op mobility and safety, if needed.
  • Review plans for post-op pain management, diet and activity.
  • Explain ways you can reduce infection.
  • Educate you about wound care and warning signs to look for after surgery.

Your intra-operative surgical team will:

  • Use the most modern anesthesia methods.
  • Apply the most up-to-date recommendations for fluid balance and hydration.
  • Administer medications during surgery that reduce pain after surgery.

Your post-operative care team will:

  • Promote return of bowel function as quickly as possible.
  • Help you start drinking and eating soon after surgery with easy-to-digest liquids and foods.
  • Encourage you to walk early after surgery.
  • Provide alternatives to narcotics to effectively treat pain and reduce the risk of addiction.
  • Create and explain your individual pain management plan.
  • Review wound care, activity plan, follow up and warning signs prior to discharge.

The goals of ERAS are to reduce surgical stress, minimize pain and allow for earlier resumption of food intake and activity while reducing post-operative complications. It is important for you to participate in your recovery.

By working together, we hope to keep your hospital stay as short as possible and for you to return to normal activities as soon as possible.

Our mission at Texas Children’s Hospital Pavilion for Women (PFW) is to provide our patients with the highest quality, individualized health care.

Please refer to the following documents to assist your through your surgery. If you have any questions, please call your surgeon's office.