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Partnering to save lives

In 2010, a team of diversely-trained scientists came together at Texas Children’s new Duncan Neurological Research Institute (Duncan NRI), to break silos and collaboratively solve the mysteries behind the most complex brain diseases. Their progress has been unprecedented: more than 85 disease genes have been discovered, and nearly six clinical trials and studies are underway currently.

Our goal is to find therapies for brain diseases that affect children and adults around the world. The success we have achieved to date has been made possible through an incredible partnership among 34 principal investigators, who are experts in their field; 300 trainees, who are being groomed as future trailblazers; and nearly 10,000 donors, who generously provide the resources necessary for progress. Together, we are fighting for a world in which no one suffers from neurological or psychiatric diseases.

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Gifts to the Society, unless otherwise directed, will be placed in The Breakthrough Fund, which is designed to mobilize philanthropic support and direct resources quickly and efficiently to the most promising priorities at the Duncan NRI.

Duncan NRI Society members enjoy recognition for their annual support and receive invitations to exciting events with the Duncan NRI team. Those who join at higher giving levels receive more direct engagement with leaders, including Director Dr. Huda Zoghbi, Co-Director Dr. Shulman and other superstar faculty.

Donors to the Duncan NRI who have made gifts of $500 or more in the prior calendar year are automatically enrolled in the Duncan NRI Society but may opt out at any time.





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Play a critical role in improving the health outcomes of people around the world suffering from neurological and psychiatric diseases.