Tracheostomy Program

The Tracheostomy Program at Texas Children’s Hospital brings together experts in airway health from several departments within the nation’s largest children’s hospital. Our team is dedicated to the comprehensive and multidisciplinary management of children with tracheostomies.

The Tracheostomy Program is designed so that our team can provide high quality care while your child is in the hospital, continuing on beyond discharge into the outpatient setting. Our collaborative approach provides several advantages for our patients and families:

  • Patients are seen by members of the tracheostomy team at least weekly while admitted to the hospital, regardless of the reason for admission. Our goal in tracheostomy rounds is to ensure that you receive the education, supplies, and home care you need to safely care for your child at home.
  • Patients have regular outpatient follow-up visits with an airway surgeon in the Division of Pediatric Otolaryngology.
  • Our Outpatient Tracheostomy Coordinator works with your durable medical equipment (DME) company to ensure the appropriate supplies and equipment are ordered for your child, and is your central point of contact for all tracheostomy-related questions.
  • Depending on your child’s specific needs, you may also have regular follow up with other team members including providers from the Department of Pulmonology, Speech and Language Pathology, and Nutrition.
  • We value clear communication with you, your child’s pediatrician, and specialists across the entire hospital system to ensure we provide the highest quality care for all of your child’s needs.