Sports Nutrition

Basic Fueling Tips

"I know that better nutrition will help my performance, where do I start?"

  1. Eat breakfast – choose breakfast instead of the snooze button, so you don’t miss out on easy energy! Yogurt with fruit or a PB&J with milk are both examples of a quick and balanced breakfast. It’s also important to eat small meals throughout the day to keep energy levels high and promote muscle growth.
  2. Eat more vegetables – put at least one vegetable on your plate before anything else. Brightly colored vegetables usually offer the most nutrition.
  3. Stay hydrated – carry a water bottle. Water or milk are generally the best choices throughout the day. Limit sugar sweetened beverages. Dehydration is preventable!
  4. Include protein at each meal – eggs, yogurt, cheese, meat and fish are all high in protein. Protein helps repair damaged muscles and keeps you feeling full.
  5. Distinguish snacks vs. treats – healthy snacks provide energy and satisfy hunger. Examples include fruit, string cheese, granola bars, yogurt, jerky and trail-mix.
  6. Recover after exercise – you haven’t finished training until you’ve refueled! Fluids, carbohydrates and protein are necessary to replenish energy and repair damaged muscles. Aim to eat a recovery meal or snack within 15 – 60 minutes of completing practice or competition.

Master the basics of fueling, before you consider supplements!

Performance Benefits

  • Increased energy during activity and throughout the day
  • Decreased risk for injury
  • Decreased muscle soreness
  • Enhanced performance
  • Increased focus and attention span

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