What To Expect

Your child will be given an evaluation so we can develop a personalized plan for him. This plan will include activities created specifically for your child’s condition. You will work alongside one of our speech/language pathologists to determine how often your child should attend each session, and how long he should receive the treatment.

Before scheduling a visit to the Speech, Language and Learning Clinic, we will ask you to complete a questionnaire to help us prepare for the visit. If there are concerns about your child’s school performance, an additional questionnaire will need to be completed by your child’s teacher(s).

Our staff members want to give your child the most professional and thorough assessment possible. Please bring clinical notes from your child’s other caregivers as well as test results from x-rays, scans or audiograms that may help us understand your child’s condition. Please help us communicate with your child’s other caretakers and bring the correct contact information to your appointment. Records of previous assessments should be sent to us to avoid unnecessary duplication of testing.

On your first visit, you will meet with one of our speech-language pathologists to discuss your concerns about your child. During this visit, we will evaluate your child to determine the nature of his speech, language or learning problems. We will then administer specific tests related to the conditions you described on the questionnaire. If your child is very young, the tests will be play-oriented. If your child is older, the test will likely be more formal.

Following the evaluation, we will share the results with you and make recommendations for treatment. We will follow-up with a written report detailing our findings and recommendations.