Welcome to the Research Page of the Department of Radiology at Texas Children’s Hospital. Our program is funded extensively by grants from the NIH, several private foundations, and from the industry. Our prolific faculty have active programs in Neuroradiology, Cardiac Imaging, Pulmonary Imaging, Fetal Imaging, Musculoskeletal Imaging, Artificial Intelligence, and Translational Imaging. Many of our faculty are appointed in Radiology and other departments, providing opportunities for trainees from a broad range of backgrounds including clinical medicine, pediatric radiology, and the basic sciences, to participate in our research programs.

If you have any questions about our specific programs, please contact us by email at radiology@texaschildrens.org.

Neuroradiology Research Group

Our world-renowned team of experts bring decades of clinical and research leadership in the diagnostic imaging of neurologic diseases, including brain tumors, brain malformations, spine disease, stroke and other vascular disorders.

Translational Imaging Group

The Translational Imaging Group (TIGr) is a rich mixture of engineers, clinicians, biologists, and mathematicians, ranging from early career scientists and graduate students to mature researchers with 30+ years of professional experience. We design, build, and test novel imaging methods, devices and materials that could become the medical imaging technologies of the future.