Multiple Sclerosis Clinic

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Phone: 832-822-5046

The Blue Bird Circle Clinic for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care of neurological disorders in children caused by demyelinating diseases, including MS. Affiliated with the national Multiple Sclerosis Society, the clinic provides comprehensive, family-centered care to children suffering from MS and associated demyelinating diseases of the central nervous system. These diseases, which result from autoimmune attacks against the fatty myelin insulation surrounding nerve fibers, include:

  • Optic neuritis
  • Transverse myelitis
  • Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis
  • Multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • Neuromyelitis optica

Our clinic includes a team of specialists who provide perspective and insight into all aspects of these diseases. Team members include a pediatric neurologist, geneticist, neuroradiologist, neuro-opthamologist, social worker, neuropsychologist, psychologists, a pediatric nurse specializing in multiple sclerosis and trained volunteers from the Blue Bird Circle Clinic. An adult neurologist helps patients transition to adult care.