Women have been breastfeeding for centuries; it seems so natural. Why then does it seem to be so complex and mystifying?

The experts at Texas Children's Hospital know breastfeeding is the best source of food for newborn babies. We also know that sometimes you need words of wisdom and encouragement from someone who has been there and knows the challenges you're facing.

No matter where you delivered your baby, Texas Children's Lactation and Milk Bank Services can help you take the mystery out of breastfeeding. We offer:

The benefits of breastfeeding make it well worth the effort. We want you be successful at breastfeeding your baby – no matter what the situation. And we're here to help. Call 832-824-6120 or email us today.

The Woodlands

Outpatient lactation services are also offered at Texas Children’s Hospital The Woodlands. Please call 936-267-5440 to schedule an appointment with our lactation consultant.