International Adoption

Texas Children's Health Center for International Adoption is one of only a few clinics in the US specializing in pre-adoption assessment, well-child care and medical treatment for internationally adopted children. Many of these adoptees face health challenges such as infectious diseases, malnourishment and developmental delays that are not part of a pediatrician’s usual practice. Pediatricians who have years of experience providing medical treatment for children around the world staff Texas Children’s Health Center for International Adoption.


Our services begin with a pre-adoption consultation, during which one of our physicians will review any medical information you have obtained on the child referred to you. In addition, the pediatrician will:

  • Highlight tools that you can use during your trip to help you assess the child
  • Educate you about medical and psychological issues in international adoption so that you can make an informed decision about adoption
  • Prepare you for some of the challenges children who have been institutionalized face when transitioning to a new home environment
  • Provide information on medication dosing and suggestions for items to take with you while traveling
  • Present information on childcare including topics such as feeding and nutrition, taking temperature and hygiene.

We are available to you while you are traveling internationally to discuss any medical concerns that may arise.

The center’s specialists recommend a physical and developmental exam within 2 weeks of a child’s arrival in the United States. The center offers:

  • Comprehensive laboratory work
  • Dietary assessment
  • Counseling for new parents
  • Ongoing care options
  • Referrals to other specialists at Texas Children’s, if needed.

Education and Training

The center offers novel educational opportunities to pediatric residents who graduate from the Texas Children’s training program, better equipping them to manage the challenges of caring for international adoptees.